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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Easter Outreach 8/4/23

I asked him if his feelings defied logic and science, which one would he go for? He said feelings, every time. I asked him if he had lied, stolen, used foul language. He said yes, so I asked him how the creator of the universe would feel about that. He said he wouldn't have to give account, just make up for the bad things and hopefully what goes around comes around. I shook his hand, and said I hoped that worked out for him on Judgement Day (a line I stole from one of the online evangelism team).

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Gone Fishin’ Field Report 18/3/23

*POST UPDATED* I asked her why she was yelling at us. She just repeated the last line over again. So I asked her if she was a good person. She said yes, she was good and did good things. I asked her if she lied. She yelled "Why are you asking me these questions?" I said that we were concerned that she would not make it to heaven. Again she yelled "I don't care!"

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