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Gone Fishin’ January 2021 Newsletter

Our human nature can’t help but see fault in others. We get so distraught when see what others can get away with, and we come to God with a shopping list of all their indiscretions against us. However, when we see ourselves in the mirror of God’s law, we come to the realisation that we are no better than them. In fact, we are no better than the worst criminal in all of human history.


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 28/11/20

I decided to go hardball on him. I said "Andrew, look at me. Listen, you are a sinner, just like me. When you die, you will have to face God for those sins. Alone, with no one else to help you out. His standard is perfection, so He will find you guilty of breaking His laws. Your punishment will be an eternity in a fiery lake called hell.