Real Friends Tell Their Friends The Truth

When I lived in Christchurch, I often saw a funny little man with a moustache who would stand on a step-ladder in Cathedral Square at lunch times. He would yell out stuff about breaking God's law, sin & repentance. I remember  thinking 'I could never do that!'. It seemed to me that he never got a lot of return for his hard work.


In Remembrance…My Heart Is Broken, Too

Like everybody else in the world, I turned on the TV on the morning of September 11 2001, and watched in unbelief at the horrific scenes before me.I wrote this poem the following week, and posted it on an online Christian poetry forum, which has since closed.This is dedicated to those whose lives were forever changed by the tragedy.


QE2 Stadium – Gone But Not Forgotten

I returned regulary to QEII after the Games. Dad used to bring me to international track and field meetings - I can remember watching Don Quarrie, the Commonwealth Games champion and world record holder, thrash everyone in the 100 and 200m finals.