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My Favourite Christian Tunes Through The Years (Part 2)

Just when you thought you knew all my eclectic music tastes… 

Well, not long after posting my first list of favourite Christian music, I started remembering some of the other weird bands / musicians I used to listen to, and thought to myself  ‘how did I not include that one?’


Bullfrogs And Butterflies, by Barry McGuire
A cute little song we learnt in Bible Class. 
Barry also made numerous trips Down Under, and I remember seeing him live a couple of times. 

Patience (Herbert The Snail) – Music Machine, by Agapeland

Our church Youth Group used to perform a lot of musicals in various churches around Christchurch, such as ‘Jonah the Musical’, ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’, ‘The King is Coming Back’, but I loved performing in ‘Music Machine’ most of all.

Asleep In The Light, by Keith Green
The ultimate butt-kick from one of the greats. Keith’s lyrics left you in no doubt what the church is here for. 
Our family had about four of his albums.
Directory Assistance, by Barnabas
Barnabas were a Christian Punk / Rock / Blues / New Wave band from L.A. in the early 80’s. Catchy riffs and snappy beats kept this album always playing on my cassette recorder. 
I had 3 of their albums, but ‘Hear The Light’ was always my favourite.
A Different Kind Of Light, by The 77’s
The 77’s are still around I believe, but I first bought one of their albums in the early 80’s. 
I loved their style, but the constant playing of the cassette eventually stretched and broke it.
Look How Far You’ve Come, by Jamie Owens Collins
Sounds a bit on the cheesy side now, but I can remember this being quite uplifting at the time.
I used to steal the album from my sisters’ collection, and listen regularly.
Come Jesus Come, by Servant
I used to thrash this good classic rock album from the early 80’s.  
This song speaks of turning your back on the world and its’ dreams, and coming to Christ in repentance.

Where Did All The Love Go, by Malcolm And The Mirrors

I loved listening to this UK rock group. They were a little different – not so much a worship album to God, but an album about God.

Consider The Cost, by Steve Camp
If you ever wondered what the real gospel is, then after listening to this song  you will be left with no doubt. 
A mix of the conviction of Keith Green combined with the voice not unlike John Farnham.
Through The Night, by Glenn Kaiser

By the mid nineties I developed a real love for Blues music.

One of the best Christian Blues artists around is Kaiser, and this track was the main reason I bought the album!  

The Great Divide, by Point Of Grace

One of my favourite female Christian groups.

Strong Tower, by Phil Keaggy 

Phil Keaggy took a long time to grow on me. 
He had a very unique style – not rock, not CCM but somewhere in the middle. I especially enjoy his collaborations with Randy Stonehill.

Treasure, by Tree63
Great Christian rock from this band, out of South Africa.
Their album “Worship, Volume 1: I Stand For You” got a real thrashing on my CD player!

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