Gone Fishin’ July 2024 Newsletter

One is now at war with the world. The hunger for more has created a dictator over everyone, accountable to no one. The depths of greed have even clouded judgement to the point of demanding that God rush to one’s side with a click of fingers like a divine butler, to fulfil all wants and desires. Of course, these will fall on deaf ears, as He bows to no decree.


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 15/6/24

He was trying to think up another way to get around this. I short-cutted this strategy, telling him that the only way to avoid his hell punishment was if someone took it for him. He listened silently as I gave him the Gospel of grace, saying that there was nothing he could do but place his faith in Christ, who did all the work for him. He was quiet for a long time, then said that it made perfect sense.

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Gone Fishin’ Field Report 18/5/24

The meeting got off to an unusual start, as at right on 10 am, a Jehovah’s Witness turned up the back door. Sometimes you don’t need to go fishing when they just jump into your boat! This woman was trying to convince me that a few obscure verses in Psalms was the key to the future on earth for believers.


Gone Fishin’ May 2024 Newsletter

If I write a book, who is doing the writing, me or the pen? I am the one writing the words, using the pen. In the same way, God is is the author of His Word. He used men as His pen, to create the passages. The words are perfect because the people writing them were His instruments, compelled by The Holy Spirit to pen His thoughts exactly. That is why we can rely on it for truth.


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 20/4/24

I asked the question of if he trusted that Jesus took his sins 100%, but committed a sin, then died, would he go to heaven? He said he would go to hell because he never repented for that sin. No amount of trying to convince Dylan that Christ made a one-time payment for all of his sins was enough to satisfy him. He was making a work out of repentance, making it a pre-requisite for salvation every time he sinned.

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Gone Fishin’ April 2024 Newsletter

So how can we protect ourselves and others from the sin of pride and over-confidence? Well, we humble ourselves to God alone. We ask for His protection. We submit to His will, praying “Let not the foot of pride come against me, and let not the hand of the wicked drive me away.”. Pride is always at the root of all sin, and it takes a humble heart for God to tear it out. If we trust in ourselves, then sooner or later we will be destroyed.


Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Easter Outreach 30/3/24

Then he brought up James regarding faith plus works. Then I knew he was lost. He was going to twist the scripture to mean we need faith plus works to be saved. But this is a false application. In context, it is saying that works is a result of faith, not a pre-requisite for it. I told him as such, to read the whole book of James instead of cherry-picking the verses you want, so that you can invent your own doctrine.


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 16/3/24

I told him that was how God renders justice and mercy perfectly, because His Son Jesus paid the price for us. I said, "But you don't value this, because you think that God just loves everybody and will just forgive. But that would make God a corrupt judge. That is a God made up in your head to suit yourself. You have no concept of who God really is, and are in danger of spending eternity in hell"

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