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Scenes of Kolkata – Hope Amid The Havoc

In 2002 my wife and I were blessed to travel through Kolkata while on a Mission Trip.

After seeing the poverty, smelling the horrible stench, and feeling claustrophobic with the overcrowding, I became angry and bitter towards God.

But rather than God changing Kolkata, He changed my heart instead…

Scenes of Kolkata – Hope Amid The Havoc

they cling to the back of my throat
with no wind to blow them away
they wrap me like a thick winter coat
so, shallow I breathe

the taxis clog all the streets
there seems to be no way to cross
and the buses have no empty seats
so, fast I run

seems all that the locals achieve
a celebrity is in town
and that celebrity is me
so, embarrased I get

asks the girl who’s aged about five
but I have to get somewhere
I have trouble keeping myself alive
so, hard goes my heart

God, could anyone live in this place?
with the disease, the heat and the homeless
with too many people, and not enough space?
so, answers I wait
He replies, ‘can’t you see?
they may live a journey away
but they still belong to Me’
so, ashamed I feel

Christ felt your pain as you cried
but there is hope amid the havoc
because for your cause He died
so, for you I rejoice

© craig godfrey


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