You are currently viewing Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 3/5/23

Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 3/5/23

Hi Everyone

I went online tonight to share the Good News of the Gospel around the world!

After chatting with the guys in the team, I shared my screen with them, asked for the Lord’s help, and clicked the Go button.


First up was a guy from Karnataka, India. Due to the language barrier, we were talking past each other. But when I mentioned cricket, his eyes lit up (both NZ & India meet regularly). I kept trying to segue to the Gospel, but he switched back to “I don’t understand” mode. So I shared the social links, said goodbye, telling him to stop beating us at cricket!


Next was a girl from Brownsville, TX. After asking about the afterlife, she delivered a word salad regarding how our spirits move around and cause havoc. She wasn’t prepared to listen to logic, and eventually bailed.


Then I spoke to a guy from Wellington, NZ (where I live). He didn’t like the concept of logic confirming proof of a universe maker. His reasoning was that logic only exists inside our time and universe, but we cannot prove that the same outside of this. He said that was not what he felt happened. I asked him if his feelings trumped logic and facts, and he said yes! I asked what if his feelings were the result of yesterday’s pizza, and he said it didn’t matter. I said try that in the real world, and you will end up in an asylum, trying to find truth while at the same time denying fact. He said I didn’t understand, and that I had to listen to my heart. I said I can’t because it’s deceitfully wicked. In the end he gave up and bailed on me.


Lastly I spoke to a guy from Azusa, CA. This was a very honest and open chat. After agreeing that creation is logical proof of a creator, he understood that he had broken God’s laws and deserves a punishment, which would be eternity in hell. I told him to hang on for the good news – that someone was willing to take all of his hell punishment on his behalf. I could hear voices in the background, and he said they were friends, who were Christians too. I asked them if I was telling the truth, and they said yes. So I told him that this conversation was probably an answer to prayer for them, and that it was no coincidence that we were paired up. I showed him the contrasting pictures of a man receiving his hell punishment, and Christ taking the hell punishment for him (from

The penny dropped for him that the only way he was going to heaven was trusting that Jesus took his hell punishment for him, otherwise he would end up in hell. I asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure was he that he would make it to heaven. He said 50/50. So I backtracked a couple of times to go over the basics. I got him up to 95%, explaining that God’s offer was only available in this life, after then it would be too late. But he said “You don’t have to explain it again, I know what I have to do. I’m nearly there. I will do this before I go to sleep tonight”. I gave him all the social, Bible, and church links. I told him that if I didn’t see him again on this earth, I would see him in heaven, but why? “If I trust that Jesus has taken all my hell punishment”. I pray he does that, and I will see him again!


So it was another fruitful hour or so spreading the Good News! Why don’t you sign up and do it too?

If you want to learn more about what online evangelism looks like, check out Operation513’s Youtube page. 

If you would like to try this yourself, then Operation513 can train you for free! Visit their website and flick them a DM on one of their social media platforms!



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