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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 30/4/23

Hi Everyone

I went online tonight to share the Gospel with strangers around the world! 

There were a few in the chat room tonight, so we took turns going online. I spoke to two people:

Guy from St John, IN. This was an awesome chat. I laboured a bit over whether there was a God, and eventually he came to believe that fact. He understood he was guilty of sin, and would go to hell if he died right now. But he said there was something holding him back from accepting that Jesus took his hell punishment. I really thought he was genuine in knowing what he needed to do. It sounded like he could have done drugs, so maybe that was what he was not willing to give up. I gave him Bible, church, and social links. He promised to read the Bible, so I pray that he does, and it changes his life! 



Boys from Arlington, TX. – One of them was focused, but the other was playing a loud game in the background, so the distraction was mainly from my end! The one focused turned out to be a good listener, and quite sharp. He understood that he was a sinner and headed for hell, and that they only way to avoid his hell punishment was for him to trust that Jesus had taken his hell punishment. He was really humble, and didn’t want to go to hell. He said he would go to heaven 100%, and answered all my checking questions correctly. I gave him all the social, Bible and church links, and he told me he would see me in heaven, so praise God!


Afterwards I listened to Lincoln do a chat. It was the first time I had heard him, and he was doing really well. The guy had lots of curly questions, but he handled them really well. The chat went on for quite a while, and unfortunately I had to get some sleep! But it was an awesome evening of fellowship and evangelism!

If you want to learn more about what online evangelism looks like, check out Operation513’s Youtube page. 

If you would like to try this yourself, then Operation513 can train you for free! Visit their website and flick them a DM on one of their social media platforms!



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