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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 11/5/23

Hi Everyone

I went online tonight to spread the Gospel to anyone who would listen!

I said hello to the guys in the chatroom, shared my screen and spoke to a couple of guys:

The first was from Shimla, India. He was very open. I was expecting him to say that reincarnation and karma played a part after death, and he obliged. He said he believed in justice, so I explained that karma was not justice – there was no memory of a previous life, so you could get away with anything you like without consequences. He reluctantly agreed with my logic. So I asked him if he believed in God. He said there was a higher power. So we discussed if this higher power had laws that we should live up to. He said yes, but pointed to good works. That started a good person test, which he failed miserably. When I asked if he should be accountable for this, he just circled back to reincarnation, thanked me for the talk, and skipped the chat. I pray that he would be convicted by the knowledge that he had angered the Holy God, causing heart change and repentance! 



The other chat was with a guy from Ventura, CA – this was a great chat. He started off quite sarcastic, and I was expecting him to skip, so I politely asked him to take the conversation seriously. He did, and the conversation flowed nicely after that. We laboured a bit over God’s existence, then went through the law together. He admitted he would be in big trouble on judgement day, so I gave him the good news of Christ taking his hell punishment for him. He agreed that unless he placed his faith in Him, he would go to hell. But him making the step of accepting God’s gift was beyond him. I backtracked and covered some more ground, but it was obvious that he would not accept the gift. He asked about other religions, how can they be true as well. I explained that it can’t be, because Christ is the only one that can remove his hell punishment. All others rely on doing good works, and good works don’t remove the punishment awaiting us. He understood what I was saying, and said he wanted to research more – so I gave him links to the Gospel of John, and asked him to study the evidence, to see exactly what God will do to him when he died. I said I didn’t want to see him in hell. He thanked me for the chat, and that I was very respectful. He promised he would read John. I pray he does, and God changes his heart by it!


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