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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 14/6/23

Hi Everyone

Tonight I was privileged to go online to share the Gospel on Omegle with anyone around the world that God had providentially arranged!

I said gidday to the team, and shared my screen so they could watch and listen in.

First up was with a guy from Pasco, WA. He was all over the place to start with. Then when he realised that he would be accountable to God for all the wrong things he had done, he became quiet. He knew he would go to hell for all the wrong he had done. When I told him that he could escape his hell punishment, he asked how. So I got to tell him the beautiful Gospel, how Jesus offers to take his punishment for him, in order for him to go to heaven. He was so pleased to hear this. I asked him if he was willing to accept that gift, and he said yes! So I went over a few checking questions with him. Then I asked “On a scale of 1 to 100, how sure could he be that if you died right now that you would go to heaven? He said “100%”. “Why?” “Because Jesus has taken all my sins on the cross”. I was excited for him. I showed him how to download a free bible, read it daily, and where to get hooked into a good church. 

It was a great way to start the night!


Next chat was with a guy from Jagdalpur, India. He believed in some sort of creator, but had a hard time understanding that we would be accountable to one. I gave him the ‘my house, my rules’ analogy, but he rejected the fact that a creator would be interested in how we live in His universe. I took him through the law, but he started getting self-righteous, and uppity. In the end he skipped the chat. Needgod call that a ‘Felix Moment’ – where the heat gets too hot for them. At least now he knows he will be accountable for his wrongdoings. 


Lastly, was with a girl from Morley, Canada. This was an unusual chat, as it seemed there was something weird going on. I parked that thought, and carried on with the gospel chat. She believed in a higher power, but didn’t know who or what that was. I asked if the creator would be pleased with how she was living in His universe. She said ‘probably not’. It turned out she was a lying, thieving blasphemer, just like me. She understood that God would need to punish her in hell eternally. But she asked me that isn’t God loving, and will forgive her? I said that forgiveness cannot be at the expense of judgement, and a courtroom analogy soon cleared things up. More so, she was super-excited to learn that Jesus offers to take her hell punishment for her if she accepts His free gift. She said she would do, 100%! We laboured over some checking questions, and I gave her the link to the free Bible download, and a good church link. I asked her if she had any questions. She said “Yes, I do. Does God love transgender people?”. This confirmed my earlier uneasiness. I said “Yes, as much as He loves liars, thieves and blasphemers. So much so, that He offers to take their hell punishment for them. And where do they go if they accept the gift?” “Heaven!”, she answered. She thanked me for the conversation. 

Please pray with me for those I spoke to tonight! All glory goes to God for allowing me to do this!

If you want to learn more about what online evangelism looks like, check out Operation513’s Youtube page. 

If you would like to try this yourself, then Operation513 can train you for free! Visit their website and flick them a DM on one of their social media platforms!



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