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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 31/5/23

Hi Everyone

After a couple of weeks off not evangelising online, I really missed it. I needed to get back in the groove! 

I said hello to the guys in the chat room, shared my screen, and went onto Omegle. I had 3 great chats!


First up was with a guy from Ephrata, WA. After I asked him where he was going when he died, he said he was Muslim and would go to paradise, or heaven. I asked what he had to do to get to heaven. He said the usual things – pray, read the Koran and other books, and try to live a holy life. I asked him how he was going with his holy life, and he shrugged and said he was doing his best. I asked if he had lied, stolen, and used foul language, and he said yes to all. I asked him if that was what God was going to judge him for, would he be innocent or guilty? He said guilty, but God was forgiving. I asked him if God was a perfect judge, and he said yes. So I asked him how could he be perfectly just and perfectly forgiving at the same time? He said he could still be perfect and forgive people of their sins. Using an earthly analogy, I explained that a good judge would not let people off their crimes; that would be a corrupt judge – and even more so with God. He asked me what religion I was. I told him I was a Christian. He rolled his eyes. I said there is a way for God to be perfectly just and perfectly merciful at the same time. He said that it was something to do with Jesus, wasn’t it? I said that the only way for you to avoid your hell punishment was if someone who was perfect took the punishment for him. He smiled and wish me a good evening. I pasted a link to the free bible download, and the needgod social links, and said if he had any questions, to contact the team there. He said he would think about it. I pray something I said stuck in his heart, for God’s glory!


Next was with a kid from Indore, India. He was excited to see me and chat- well, for the first few minutes anyway. He turned out to be super-self-righteous. He also had an annoying habit of strumming his guitar hard to emphasise the last words of his sentences, which rendered them inaudible. He was a Hindu, and he knew his stuff. He told me he believed in justice, but was deep into reincarnation and his good works, which is a self-defeating strawman argument. Unfortunately, he wasn’t mature enough to see the folly of this. Any attempt from me to point him to the danger of going to hell without someone taking his hell punishment just resulted in more hard strumming, emphasising how loving Krishna was. I asked him if Krishna had taken his sin, and he said no, he didn’t need to. I said that he wasn’t very loving at all, because he was leaving him to take his own hell punishment. We went back and forth, until it was obvious that he wasn’t going to listen, so I posted the needgod social links. He said he wasn’t going to look at any of them. I wished him well, and told him I hope that works out well for him on judgement day. Sometimes you can only try your best to wake people up out of their slumber, and leave the rest to God!


Last chat was with a guy from Sumter, SC. This chat was so refreshing after the previous one. He said he had grown up in a Christian home, but had quite a potty-mouth. When I took him through the law, his language softened – especially after I said the Bible stated ‘let no unwholesome language come from your mouth” (Eph 4:29). He was a very humble young man, and admitted God should throw him into hell on judgement day. We went through the usual objections to getting off – good works not good enough, and God being forgiving, but not at the expense of his justice. He understood there was nothing he could do. When I told him that the only way he could avoid his hell punishment is if someone else paid it for him, he said “Wait, you’re talking about Jesus, aren’t you?”. I said yes, and he said that it all made sense now. He said that in all the years growing up in church, he never connected the dots. That was sad to hear. I asked him how sure he was that if he died right now, would he go to heaven? He said 50/50. After tidying that up with some checking questions, I asked him again, and he said 100%! He said I was blowing his mind, and asked if I was a Pastor. I said no, just someone who liked to help people avoid hell. We talked about how to download a Bible and find a good church.  He was so thankful for the discussion, and said he would definitely see me in heaven one day! Praise God that He allowed me to show another person how to get to heaven! 

So it was a great hour and a half redeemed for God’s glory, regardless of the outcome of each chat!

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