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Gone Fishin’ October 2023 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Here’s this month’s Gone Fishin’ Newsletter.

Every month a team from our fellowship at Calvary Wellington heads out to our regular fishing holes – the Naenae Market and Hillary Court shops, or the Hutt Riverbank Fruit and Vege Market. There we share the Gospel to those in our immediate community. 

Once a month I publish a simple newsletter that is distributed to the fellowship (or for anyone else who stumbles across this website), as a way of encouragement, and as a tool to equip us to be better evangelists.

You can read the last Field Report from 16/9/23 here.




Gone Fishin’ Monthly Newsletter – October 2023


And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”

 (1 Cor 2:1-2).

 Hi Everyone

Praying this finds you well, and that the spring wind and rain haven’t washed or blown away any evangelistic endeavours! Next week is an exciting opportunity to put the Great Commission into action. More on that later.


Sometimes we can spend more time on the mechanics of evangelism than evangelism itself. Sure, it is important we understand the biblical principle – law to the proud, and grace to the humble – but we can be so busy hung up over the how. Let’s talk about how fancy words and fantastic wisdom, although somewhat important, can actually be stumbling blocks when it comes to evangelism.

 Fancy Words


Imagine being able to deliver a faultless oration akin to that of a seasoned thespian, worthy of a standing ovation and an Oscar nomination. Everyone is so gripped with our ability to deliver our address that they can’t get enough of us. We would walk away pleased with ourselves, wouldn’t we?


Reality check: OK, that never happens…well, with most of us anyway.

Although it is important to convey the Gospel message in a concise way, we don’t want to let our striving for fancy words distract ourselves. Sure, we all know that repentance, justification, atonement, and propitiation are all genuine biblical words and themes. But to an unbeliever they are foreign and foolish concepts, and to persist with them will steer the focus off the Gospel and onto ourselves. It will also cause the listener to switch off.

 The Gospel is simple, and so should our words be to reflect that simplicity. Let’s temper those fancy words we are all tempted to use – and present the Gospel in a clear, simple way, so that everyone can understand and believe it!

 Fantastic Wisdom 

Imagine aweing people with our wisdom on every topic raised, showing the brilliance of our vast knowledge on all things earthly and spiritual. Everyone is so gripped that they can’t get enough of our wisdom, dropping jaws and widening eyes everywhere.  That would please us, yes?


Reality check: OK, none of us are that wise. We may be wise in certain topics or themes, but never everything. 

Although it is important to know and be able to convey wisdom in a concise way, we don’t want to make idiots of ourselves. The truth is, no matter how smart or wise we think we are, there will inevitably be someone out there who knows more than we do. And when we try to impress them, they see right through us.

The Gospel is wise in and of itself, and so should our undivided focus be on it. Let’s temper our desire to focus on our ability to impress the world with our fantastic wisdom, and more intent on presenting the Gospel to turn foolish thinkers to wise ones!


Overplaying our Gospel conversations with fancy words and fantastic wisdom can be a warning bell that pride is knocking at the door of our hearts. Do not let the devil get a foothold! Ask God to keep you focused and humble.

So how do we find the perfect balance between simple truth but with clear and concise language, as well as Godly wisdom without the know-it-all persona?

One way to do this is to ask questions of the listener, rather than state facts. Asking questions achieves two things – it shows you care what they think, and keeps them engaged and focused in the conversation.

We will learn more about this at the Tell Me Conference Training in Naenae next Monday. So if you haven’t already registered for it, go there now at the promo below!





The Tell Me Conference Evangelism Training is on the morning of 23 October (Labour Day), followed by a great opportunity to put it into practice in spots around the Wellington region for the rest of the week!

Glen Richards from Operation513 & is a full time street evangelist in Christchurch, and has kindly offered to partner with Calvary Wellington for the week.

If God has been prompting you to put the Great Commission into action, then this may be the opportunity for you! Whether you are a seasoned evangelist, or just starting out, then we need you! 

Visit for more information. There is a video everyone needs to watch on the link in preparation for the training. It’s free, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Witnessing Tip: Silence is NOT golden!

We can think that saying nothing and not risking losing a friend, is a good thing.

But who would want a friend to go to hell when they die?

Swallow your pride, and tell them the truth.

That’s what a real friend would do!

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