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Gone Fishin’ July 2023 Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Here’s this month’s Gone Fishin’ Newsletter.

Every month a team from our fellowship at Calvary Wellington heads out to our regular fishing holes – the Naenae Market and Hillary Court shops, or the Hutt Riverbank Fruit and Vege Market. There we share the Gospel to those in our immediate community. 

Once a month I publish a simple newsletter that is distributed to the fellowship (or for anyone else who stumbles across this website), as a way of encouragement, and as a tool to equip us to be better evangelists.

You can read the last Field Report from 10/6/23 here.



Gone Fishin’ Monthly Newsletter – July 2023


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1)


 Hi Everyone


I hope this finds you well, and that the cold, wet weather hasn’t dampened your enthusiasm for sharing the Good News!


 There is no more illogical and non-sensical worldview, than one of believing that the universe created itself out of nothing. Yet, that is exactly what a vast majority of the world believe happened. There are two main reasons people believe this:

  • “It has been programmed into me by the world since I was young, and anything else is unfathomable”, or
  • “I enjoy my sin, and acknowledging there is a God means I am accountable to someone for it.”


 As Christians, we need to offer a plausible explanation, apart from just offering an alternative to creation that the listener can easily blow off. And believe it or not, we can find this answer in the first verse of the Bible!

Let’s look at the conception, the creator, and the creation.


The Conception

“In the beginning…”

 Yes, the universe had a beginning!

No scientist would ever deny this. But unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end. Science has one major flaw with regards to how the universe began. A ‘big bang’ is brought forward as the reason we are all here. However, a bang needs three elements: matter, gas, and an ignition. If all these things already existed, then it’s not really the beginning, is it?


Logic tells us that for an effect to happen, there needs to be a prior cause for it. This is universally known as ‘The Law of Cause and Effect’. So, the only logical outcome for a big bang is an infinite regression of cause and effect, deeming the theory self-defeating.

 There needed to be something or someone outside the realms of cause and effect that set this whole thing in motion…


The Creator

“…God created…”

 Yes, the universe had a Creator!

This is the only plausible conclusion to a creation. The person that created time and space must be outside of the laws that exist inside time and space. To exist before time began means the person would be timeless. Thinking about this can be enough to make your brain hurt. But all we need to do is apply logic to this scenario. If someone always existed, then they wouldn’t need a beginning.

Another good analogy is this: If I told you my house made itself, would you believe me? No, you wouldn’t! I’ve not seen the builder of my house, yet I don’t question that there was one, because my house is proof of a builder. In the same way, creation is proof of a creator.

 There needed to be a creation that existed in full function for everything to work together properly…


The Creation

“…the heavens and the earth.”

Yes, the universe is perfectly put together by the Creator!

This must be so. The earth rotates the sun in perfect seasonal rhythm. The earth is far enough away from the sun not to melt us, but close enough to ripen our tomatoes. The flowers need the insects to propagate the pollen it produces, just at the right season the insects are alive. We can predict a high tide anywhere on earth in 100 years’ time, because the lunar cycles are fixed.

Another proof that flies against the evolutionary theory is the human body. The heart that pumps our blood must exist at the same time the veins and arteries exist, to distribute the blood around our body. Our DNA needs our RNA to distribute genetic information around our body. All this to say that everything needs to be in perfect working harmony at the same time. It could not have happened from an explosion, as explosions create chaos, no order! And it could not happen over time, because everything needs to work fully-functioning, together.

 It takes a perfect God to create everything in perfect harmony.


God created:

time:                            “in the beginning”

space:                          “the heavens”

and matter:               “the earth”


“For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.” (Col 1:16-17)


So do not fear the evolutionist. He has no excuse but is rather denying there is a maker. If he can get away with that, then he can justify his immoral behaviour, dull his conscience, and do what he wants. But he has no excuse, because:

 “The heavens declare the glory of God;

And the firmament shows His handiwork.”(Ps 19:1)

 He will one day stand before the Creator, to give an account for denying the obvious!



I’ll see you at my place at 10:00 Saturday for prayer, before heading down to the Naenae Shops!





Witnessing Tip: Try role play!


A good way of gaining confidence in witnessing is role-playing.

Find another Christian and take turns evangelising to each other.

Your skills will grow exponentially!

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