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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 8/3/23

Hi Everyone

Last night I had the opportunity and  privilege of going online on omegle and talking to people about the wonderful hope of the Gospel!

Almost immediately I was paired with a pleasant young man from Mississippi. When I asked him what happens after death, he said heaven or hell. He said heaven, because he was a Christian. I asked him why. He said that he was following Christ because He died for his sins. He said he comes on omegle to talk to people like a therapist, to listen to peoples’ stories and encourage them. He said he was getting baptised next week, which was great to hear. So I asked him how sure he was that he was going to heaven when he died, and he said 85% sure! This concerned me, so I asked him what about the other 15%. He said he didn’t know, there was still so much to learn. I had to ask him how much of his hell punishment did Jesus take for him. He said all of it. I asked where does someone go if Jesus takes 100% of their hell punishment? He said heaven. So how sure can you be that you will go to heaven when you die? He said 100%. We went back and forth a bit over some checking questions, e.g. believing Jesus takes hell punishment, but sins again etc. He finally realised that he can have 100% assurance of eternal life. I was also able to prompt him to read his Bible more regularly than once a week. He was going to start the book of Revelation. I said that maybe he should start in the Gospel of John. 

It really was a great chat. I thanked him, wished him well on his journey. He said that even though he is on omegle to help others, he said this chat was meant to be, to encourage him and set him straight. He said he would get off omegle and read his Bible!


Then I was paired with a couple of kids from Quebec- young kids that shouldn’t be on omegle. I asked them where they would go when they died, and they said heaven, because they were good. I took them through the law, and it turned out they were actually not good at all. They understood that they would go to hell, but if Jesus took 100% of their hell punishment, they would go to heaven. I tried to throw in a couple of analogies to help out, but it was like my brain had a lag, and I just couldn’t put the words together. I was thankful I had Harmony in the chat room listening in, and she was prompting me with messages to get me going again. Thanks Harmony! The pair said they would accept the free gift of Jesus, and said 100% they were going to heaven when they died! I sent them the needgod social media links, and the link to download the free Bible. Harmony got me to tell them to get off omegle, as it was not really the place for the younger ones. I pray they follow through with their commitment!



My third and final chat was with a guy from Queensland. He liked the fact that I was asking about the afterlife, and he asked me what I thought would happen. I said we either go to heaven or hell, and asked him which one he would go to. He said there were lots of religions that say different things, so he hadn’t made his mind up yet. So after confirming that there was a God, we went through the good person test. Just like all of us, he failed miserably, and agreed he would go to hell. He agreed that for him to escape hell that he would have to accept that Jesus has taken 100% of his hell punishment. I asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure was he that he was going to heaven, he said “yeah, yeah, 100% yeah”. Then he bailed the chat. I was left scratching my head as to what happened. In the end I couldn’t tell if his profession was genuine or not, so I had to pray for him that the seed that was sown would not be stolen away.

So it was an awesome hour or so chatting, and something I will commit to doing on a more regular basis!

 If you want to learn more about what online evangelism looks like, check out Operation513’s Youtube page. 

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