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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 22/3/23

Hi Everyone

I had some time available on Wednesday night, so decided to spend it sharing the Gospel with the world! 

I had 4 conversations of note:


Guy from L.A., CA – It felt like this guy was going through the motions. He was answering my questions correctly, but this guy seemed to be answering my questions correctly, but wasn’t really engaged. He eventually bailed after a couple of minutes.


Guy from Palmdale, CA – believed everything I said – would go to hell, accepted that Jesus paid his hell punishment. He answered all the checking questions correctly, but he was trying to end the conversation all the time, so couldn’t tell if he was 100% genuine. I can only pray it was!



Guy from Minneapolis, MN – I initially thought he wasn’t interested, sounding a little under the influence of something. But as the conversation progressed, he became more and more engaged with me. He agreed that it would be stupid not to accept the free gift of Jesus taking his hell punishment! After about 4 tries going back and forward, we got to 50, 80, then 100% that he would go to heaven when he died! Praise God for a great chat!



Guy from Toronta, Canada –  he told me He was a Muslim. I asked him how a Muslim gets to heaven. He gave me the usual 5 ways. I asked what happens to all the bad things that he had done. He told me God would forgive him as long as he was still following the 5 ways. So Iasked him if he believed in justice. He said yes. So I asked him if God was a perfect judge. He said of course. So I asked how can a perfect judge let people off their crimes without a punishment? He said God was not like an earthly judge (I was expecting that). So I said that I expected God to be a perfect example of an earthly judge, and that if a perfect judge let people off crimes without punishment, he was no longer perfect – so what you are saying is that your God isn’t perfect. He said I didn’t understand the Muslim ways, and to read the Koran. I told him that there was a way in which God could be perfectly just, and yet perfectly merciful at the same time. He asked me how, so I told him about someone taking his hell punishment for him. God could let him go because someone else paid his hell punishment for him. He sighed, raised his eyebrows, and said that he knew what I was going to say next, and politely left the conversation. I pray that the small seed that was planted will gnaw at him until he gives in to God!



So I praise God that I had a great hour or so spreading the Gospel around the globe!


If you want to learn more about what online evangelism looks like, check out Operation513’s Youtube page. 

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