You are currently viewing Gone Fishin’ Field Report 21/11/22 – Schoolies Day 3

Gone Fishin’ Field Report 21/11/22 – Schoolies Day 3

Hi Everyone

Well everyone woke up this morning, downed breakfast, and went straight into 3 hours of online Omegle evangelism. It was a bit of a shock to the system, but very fruitful. 

I had lots of great chats – at least 4 that went right through to gospel presentations, and promises of repentance. I pray that God will follow through with those promises! One example was with a re-connect with one young man from Auckland named Matthew. Abraham, one of the regular Omegle team, had spoken to Matthew 4 days ago. He knew what I was going to say before I said it – not because of any godly wisdom, but because of the format of the conversation. He promised Abraham he would repent, and start reading his Bible, but hadn’t got around to it yet. I told him that by God’s grace He allowed him to live  these last 4 days, and that He was showing him mercy before he repented. God might not allow him another day. He was shook by this, an promised to do something about it. Please pray he does!

Omegle is a dark place. Tens of thousands of people go on this website for nefarious reasons. Some chats I was told “‘get off Grandpa, you sicko. Pedo!.”. One man I chatted with said he had violent tendencies, and that if I was in the same room as him, he would kill me, and not have any remorse about it. Discernment, and much prayer is a must before logging on to these places!

After lunch we had a quick Bible study together, Ryan leading us through 1 Cor 1.

Then we went down to Surfers central for 2 hours witnessing. It was an extremely hot day today, the temperature being in the mid 30’c, with high humidity. I have to admit, I was struggling. I felt like I couldn’t draw enough breath, so I hid in the shade and only moved out to have a conversation.

Bailey – this young man turned out to be a hard case, but he was too drunk to comprehend what I was saying. I pray the tract I gave him will speak to him when he reads it sober.

 A group of kids were going great in a conversation, but were all dragged away by mates. This seems to be the best way for kids to get away from conversations – secretly texting their friends while chatting with me, and they come over and say they have somewhere to go. Clever ploy, but I’m onto them now!

Corbin plus 2 friends – his friends drifted away, but Corbin stuck around to hear the Gospel before being lured away by them. Praying that something stuck!

Walid – this Muslim man took a tract, listened to the whole Gospel conversation, but walked away still believing that God will forgive him for all his wrong despite my pleas to the contrary 🙁

Jake – this young man was an evangelists dream, listening intently to all being said. He answered every checking question in a way that led me to believe he was genuine in repentance. Please pray for him!

We had a quick dinner, prepared by Ryan’s wife Bekks. I should mention that her cooking has been an awesome blessing for us, and is truly appreciated by our bellies!

We went back down to Surfers after sunset, and the temperature was much more pleasant. I felt more invigorated, but my feet were very tired and sore. I had to sit down a lot between chats. But I still had some good ones:

Hosea and Allazi – Hosea did all the talking in his street gangster style. It was hard to get a word in. But when they came to understand that there was a creator, and the creator required he keep a standard, he went quiet. I was able to guide him through the law, and he came to realise the trouble he would be in if he did not make it home tonight. I told him the great news of the Gospel. He was very thankful to hear it, but I didn’t detect any heart change through it. I pray the tracts will speak further for me.

4 Schoolies came up to me and sked if there was anywhere they could get drugs from. Apparently there are some shady distributors around. A lot of police do try and keep an eye on them, and the kids think it’s a fun game trying to evade them. They don’t understand the log-term damage these drugs can do to them. Before I got too far in the chat, some other kids pulled them away, saying they know where to get some good stuff. God, have mercy on them!

Connor and Martin – Connor was a Catholic, and had a warped sense of law and gospel. I think I was able  to put him straight, and he knew that salvation was only through Jesus on the cross!

A lot of dodgy ‘Christian’ organisations have also turned up at Schoolies – ones that focus on signs and wonders, praying for healing, and some that do ‘circle evangelism – whatever that is! Please pray that the kids steer clear of these people, as they don’t spread the true Gospel to them. Included below are some of these organisations, with all their signs, props and gimmicks – they have not association with the Operation513 outreach.

So another really busy day, with so many people reached out to with the Gospel. Pay for changed hearts, and more local labourers to join the fight!



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