You are currently viewing Gone Fishin’ Field Report 20/11/22 – Schoolies Day 2

Gone Fishin’ Field Report 20/11/22 – Schoolies Day 2

Hi Everyone

Day 2 of Schoolies was a Sunday, so the team went to Liberti Reformed Baptist Church at Mermaid Waters. It was a refreshing service, with the Pastor bringing the message from John 17 – Jesus beautiful prayer for his believers.

After lunch we jumped onto for some online witnessing chats. I had a couple of good ones, but one that stood out was with two young gentlemen from the US. They attend a Catholic University on the east coast, and had a warped sense of the Gospel. They thought that they would go to purgatory. I asked them to provide Biblical evidence, but they just shrugged their shoulders. I was able to state that there was no such thing as purgatory, that it was a man-made construct in order to soften God’s judgement. I went on to discuss the fact that there was only one way to get to heaven, by believing that salvation came through faith in the death and resurrection of Christ only. Any attempt to short-cut that, or believing in your own goodness would only end up in a tragic eternity in hell. They were shocked to hear this. I said they could read this any time in the Bible if they just studied it themselves – no mention of purgatory, Mary as co-redemptress, or substantiation. I emphasised the urgency of correcting their theology before it was too late. They thanked me, and promised they would read the Bible more carefully in future.

We had some spare time in the afternoon, where I was able to partake of the complex’s pool to cool down.

After dinner we headed down to Surfers central again for some one-on-one. I went solo this time. I came across some interesting people. Here’s a summary:

Lachlan & Nate – turned out to be a great chat, they were listening intently, and promised to think about where they would spend eternity.

Evan – he was schoolies staff, and was very shaken to learn that he might go to hell. After giving him the good news, he promised to place his faith in Christ before he went home that night!

Jackson -very drunk, but a funny drunk. I don’t think he took much in, but praying he reads the tract he gladly took off me.

Ayrton – friendly, but too intelligent for his own good. Instead of using logic to explain creation, he was throwing in all sorts of weird theories that he couldn’t back up with proof, and tied himself up in knots. He gave up trying, and left with a tract. Praying that would explain things better!

Jet – this young man professed to be a Christian, but had no clue what it was all about. I went through the true gospel with him, and he hopefully left with more answers than questions!

Jessie – a boy that was about a foot taller and wider than me! After going through all the law and Gospel with him, he still thought he would be good enough to make it to heaven. As he could have made mincemeat of me, I decided not to push him, but he left with a tract and a smile!

Dan and John – great chat! They both professed godly sorrow after hearing the bad news. When they heard the good news of the Gospel, they were both relieved, and promised to place their faith in Christ before they went to sleep tonight. Can’t ask for much more than that!

I bumped into Victoria again tonight. After last night’s chat, she was still mulling things over. I told her that God may have just let her live another day in order to withhold his justice from her, and not think things over too long! She looked shocked, and said definitely, she would think about it. I asked her if she had any more questions, but she said no, she just had to make a decision. 

Lachlan, Kane, Tiera – this was my last conversation and a good one. They filmed me on their phones as I went through the law and Gospel with them. They said I was live on Facebook! They were very attentive to the Gospel, and thought I made some excellent points. They were a bit fuzzy due to a little too much alcohol, so said they would watch later.

So another great day of evangelism, with many, many people reached with the Gospel. Please keep praying for the team as we share the Good News!





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  1. June

    Well done, good and faithful servant! We are praying for you and the team.

    1. headcountone

      Thanks June, we really appreciate your prayer support!

  2. Frances

    hi Craig Jan sent me news amazing the feedback God watches over His Word to perform it,and you shall be my witnesses l pray this will be the first of many more opportunities to share the Gospel as you do both home and abroad ,God will not leave Himself without witness.thank you for your faithfulness ,a man of faith and a faithful man .May the Lord be with you

    1. headcountone

      Thanks, dear sister – all your prayers are appreciated!

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