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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 29/3/23

Hi Everyone

I went online again tonight, to see who God had planned for me to talk to! I had Tara, Harmony, Paul & Angel in the chat room to watch me. And I really needed their help tonight!


First up was a kid from Charlotte, NC. He said he was going to heaven because he was a Christian. That was after some colourful language when I first popped up (it’s an age thing, I’m getting used to it). I asked him what it meant to be a Christian. He said he gave his heart to Jesus. I asked what that meant, and he said “I don’t know, I only know that if you do it, you go to heaven”. The guy had obviously watched a dodgy televangelist, or was a victim of false conversion. So I went back to the beginning, to see if he believed in God, heaven & hell. He said he didn’t really know, then skipped the conversation. I was left scratching my head after that one!


Next up was a guy from Albuquerque, NM. This was a great chat, yet a bit frustrating at the same time. I got him to believe there was a creator using the builder/builder analogy. He agreed he would be in big trouble on judgement day if he were to die. Then he came to accept that the only way to heaven would be if he accepted that Jesus took 100% of his hell punishment. Then for some reason I had a brain freeze, and couldn’t think what to say next. Harmony & Tara were prompting me in the chat to get me going again. I think it was probably tiredness, as it was about 9.30pm after a full day in the office. Anyway, I asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure was he that he would go to heaven when he died. He said about 50. I asked him where people go that only believe that 50% of their faith was in Jesus. He said to hell. I asked him how much of his hell punishment did Jesus take? He said 100%. So how sure can you be that you will go to heaven? He said “It should be 100%, but …I don’t know. I want to go to heaven, but…” He knew that he was headed to hell, and he said he believed that he would go to heaven. I sent him a Bible link, and the social media chats. I want to believe he was going to heaven, but I had a check not to mark it so on the notes. I prayed afterwards that he would come to his senses, and for clarity for myself in the next chat.




Next, a guy from L.A., CA. He wanted to compare the difference in religions. That suited me fine, as I was able to explain how many of the false religions around the world try and gain their entry into heaven via good works – whereas we have all broken God’s law and deserve to be punished. Jesus was the only one out of all the religions that offers to take the punishment we deserve, and let us go free. He liked that, but asked with God coming to earth, wouldn’t He not be God anymore? I had to explain that Jesus was God. Next thing I realised, we were in a discussion regarding original sin, and evolution. I didn’t mind, as he wasn’t trying to pepper me with strawmen arguments, he actually wanted to know. So afterwards I asked about how he would fare on judgement day. He said he didn’t know , because wasn’t convinced there was a God yet. He thanked me for the chat, but I managed to get him the social links if he had any more questions. Good chat!



Lastly, I spoke to a guy from Grays, UK (which is East London, he told me). This guy was a quick talker. He was very tuned into the conversation, and willing to answer my questions. He was eating, and quite fidgety. When he knew he wouldn’t go to heaven, he was shocked. He apologised for talking so much, and admitted he had a disibility and having trouble focusing and understanding. To be honest, he was understanding more than most people I’ve talked to on Omegle! I asked him how he could avoid his hell punishment. He had no clue, so I asked if someone took 100% of his hell punishment, how much would be left to take? He said zero, are you talking about Jesus? I said yes. Then I told him who Jesus was, and why He died for him. He was quite excited. He came to understand that only 100% faith in Christ taking his sins would get him to heaven. He said absolutely he would do this. I asked him where he would have gone if he had died before this conversion – he said hell. Where would he go now? Heaven! And why? ‘”Because Jesus took 100% of my sins”. He got it! After a few checking questions, I left him with the social, Bible, and church links. I said that if I don’t see him again on this world, if his faith is 100% in Christ, I would see him in heaven. He said that I would! It was a great chat!


So I had an awesome time telling people the good news, and the guys in the chat room were super helpful and happy. 


But all the glory goes to God!


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