Real Friends Tell Their Friends The Truth

When I lived in Christchurch, I often saw a funny little man with a moustache who would stand on a step-ladder in Cathedral Square at lunch times. He would yell out stuff about breaking God's law, sin & repentance. I remember  thinking 'I could never do that!'. It seemed to me that he never got a lot of return for his hard work.


Michael, Part 2

Me: Well firstly you do not believe that Jesus is God, and that is fundamental to our salvation.M: He isn't God. God created Jesus.I pointed out that Jesus was there in the beginning (John 1), and created the world (let 'us' make man).Me: If Jesus wasn't God, then He died in vainMichael frowned and was taken aback M: That's a very bold statement to make, Craig!


Michael, Part 1

He was a very polite young man, I would say barely into his 20's, of African descent. He introduced himself as Michael, and he handed me a pamphlet. The title at the top read 'Can the dead really live again?', which was the giveaway to his cult. The gist of the pamphlet was about resurrection of the dead, and how this can happen to you.