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Gone Fishin’ September 2020 Newsletter

Gone Fishin’ Monthly Newsletter – September 2020

 “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”  (Genesis 1:1).


Hi Everyone

Well, Spring is finally here (although that doesn’t always mean good weather!). I can’t wait to get out and about again to share the Good News!

The family have just arrived home from a relaxing break down in the South Island. We constantly marvelled at the wonders of God’s creation with the beautiful snow-capped mountains, and the turquoise lakes and rivers. It seemed that every corner the  car turned drew another “Ooh”, or “Wow!” from our mouths. It gave us cause after to cause to worship our Creator for the beautiful country He has given us. We visited the Church of The Good Shepherd, at Lake Tekapo, in time to catch the weekly church service!


It strikes me as absurd how people can look at a beautiful natural scene, and not be thankful to God for it.

And their reason for the earth to look as beautiful as it is? Chance. And time. And, oh, yes, a big explosion. But I’ve never witnessed an explosion that created beauty and order. I have, however, seen lots that have caused chaos, a dust cloud, and a big pile of rubble.

 Yes, for our country, our planet, our universe to exist from a random explosion from materials that didn’t exist – well, that seems preposterous, doesn’t it? Creation screams of an intelligent creator!

 This is where Genesis 1 comes in.

 The Pre-Existing Creator  

 It makes sense that if somebody created everything, then they had to exist before the beginning…began. That means, they had to exist outside of time. God spoke the creation into being, and it happened. No big bang needed. No billions of years. All it took was “Let there be…”, and it was.

 This helps us answer the question “Who made God?”. No one needed to make Him, because He existed before the first cause. God is the cause!

 The Pre-Eminent Creator

 Creation makes God superior to anything else that exists. Think about it – if a beautiful turquoise lake takes our breath away, then what should it tell us about the person that created it? What must it say about Him?

 Obviously, it should cause us to thank Him for His creativity, to worship Him for the beautiful gift He has engineered for our pleasure!

 The Pre-Emptive Creator

 When God created everything, He said it was ‘good’. Left alone, everything performed as it should. The world spun on its’ axis at the perfect angle and speed, and rotated its’ sun the correct number of days. Plants produced the digestively correct fruit at the appropriate time. Animals re-produced perfectly after their own kind.

 However, when man rebelled and decided he wanted to be just like God, everything changed. Like a priceless vase that had been chipped, creation had lost its’ perfection. Sin and death had entered the world, and everything went downhill from then on.

But even before creation, God had a plan of rescue. Hmmm, it’s as if He knew what was going to happen…

He sent His co-creator Son into the broken world to reverse the curse of death that we caused, by becoming a curse on our behalf. He suffered the death we deserved.  And all who place their faith in His Son would receive eternal life, in a brand new perfect-again heaven and earth.


So, why would the world want to reject this beautiful Gospel? Because they, like Adam, still want to be just like God. They want a god on their terms, a divine butler who curtails to their every wish.

And if that means believing in the impossibility of nothing blowing up and creating everything, then so be it.


This is why we do what we do, before they face a terrible fate on Judgement Day!

Last month I had the privilege of attending the Tell Me Evangelism Conference in Christchurch. It was very edifying and uplifting.


We also had a time of one-on-one evangelism in Cathedral Square.

I actually had a conversation with a young man who wanted to murder someone! You can read more about my weekend here. (


 I’ll see you at my place this Saturday at 10am for prayer, before heading out again!



Witnessing Tip: Preparation Is Key!

Being unprepared is being unarmed.

It starts with time in God’s Word, and in prayer – not just before we go witnessing, but as often as possible.

That means we will “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you”

(2 Peter 3:15)


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