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Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 15-16/3/23


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The first guy from Brooklyn, NY was believing in his good works, but realised that in order to go to heaven, he would need to accept the gift of Jesus taking 100% of his hell punishment. I can’t remember much of the conversation, but my notes said he would see me in heaven, so praise God!


This young man from Manlius, NY wasn’t really interested in listening to logic. He understood my reasoning, but it turned out to be a circular argument regarding the logic of creation. As soon as any reference to his part in it, he just shrugged and lost interest. I could tell he wanted to answer, but he didn’t want to admit to anything I was saying for fear of being convicted or shamed. Eventually he just bailed.


For the next guy from Hollister, CA – (+1 listening in on his phone), it was a frustrating conversation. Both admitted they wouldn’t make it to heaven when they died. The guy listening in started asking stupid questions in order to throw me off, like: I smoke weed every chance I get – will Got let me smoke weed in heaven? They didn’t care that their abusive behaviour was just a smokescreen to hide their guilt. In the end they knew they wouldn’t get to heaven but didn’t really care. He kept calling me Walter White (from the TV series Breaking Bad). The conversation was bordering on the ridiculous, so I sent social media links and ended the conversation.


This guy from Livingston, NJ understood that the only way to heaven was to accept that Jesus paid his hell punishment for him. He listened as I went through the law then Gospel with him, although I could tell he was getting less and less interested. In the end he said he was into Hinduism / reincarnation, so didn’t want to hear anything else. I managed to get the social media links up before he bailed the chat.


The last guy was from Knoxville, TN. It was a long chat (an hour, my longest on omegle so far), but very rewarding. He was really excited to chat about the afterlife. He had lots of probing questions to ask me. He believed in the creator, and heaven and hell. When probed about if he was good enough to get there because of his sins, he stopped talking. He realised the trouble he was in. Then despite getting the checking questions right, he started thinking up questions again. These were mainly around why can’t you go to heaven if you believe in other religions, and why they are false. He said as far as he was concerned, he was going to believe what I said, but there must be a way for others who don’t believe in God to get there. So I had to backtrack over the exclusivity of believing in Christ. He got it. I asked on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure he was going to heaven, and why. He said 100% because he believed that Jesus took his sins. He was still a bit bummed out that his friends and family wouldn’t make it, so I asked him what he could do about it. He said he could tell them about Jesus! I shared how to download an ESV Bible and not a Catholic one (I forgot to mention he had a Catholic upbringing). I gave him links of how to find a good church, and said he needed to nourish on the word like nourishing on his food. I was still scratching my chin as to whether he was a genuine convert or not. I said if I never saw him again I might see him in heaven. He said 100% I will because he is trusting in Jesus alone for the forgiveness of his sins. Praise God for a good ending to a long conversation!




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The first guy from Rochester, NY had a problem with the law. Couldn’t get him to agree that people who break the law deserve punishment, mainly because he wanted to believe in reincarnation, where everyone gets off punishment for their crimes. He bailed the chat because I wasn’t telling him what he wanted to hear.


Next, a girl from Quoin, Ill. She became perplexed that someone as evil as her would deserve heaven. I couldn’t get past someone taking 100% of her hell punishment for her. She kept saying ‘No, no, I don’t want to accept someone else paying for my sins”. This is a way of distraction, an excuse many use to justify staying in their sinful lifestyle. Unfortunately she bailed before I could clarify why this was actually good news for her. 


After that, I spoke to an Indian man from Springfield, Ill. At first, he was very chatty. But when I asked him if he was going to heaven, he just kept yelling that I shouldn’t be doing this on omegle. He sounded quite drunk, or high on something. He kept telling me he was Hindu, and I shouldn’t be telling him what to do, and that he was sick of Christians and people from other religions giving him conflicting evidence about the afterlife. His language was very colourful. I told him he could bail the conversation any time he liked, but he just kept swearing at me. So in the end I posted the social links, asked him to check them out, and waved goodbye to him.


Lastly, I spoke to a Muslim man from Thornhill, Canada. As discussions with Muslims go, this was a welcome relief. He was very excited to talk about the afterlife. He said he  believed in God (prior to telling me he was Muslim), and afterwards we get judged for our sins. I asked how sure was he that he would make it to heaven. He said not sure but trying his best. So I took him through a few commandments – lying, stealing, adultery, bad language – and he agreed he would be in bad trouble. However, he then told me he was Muslim, and was hoping that God was going to forgive him. I took him through a courtroom analogy where a judge would let a criminal off his bad crimes – would he be a good judge? I was gritting my teeth, tensing myself for the usual self-righteous Islamic answer: “God is not like an earthly judge!” However, it never came. Instead, he was very humble, and agreed that he would be in trouble. So I asked him how he could escape his hell punishment, and yet God still come away perfectly just. He couldn’t think of anything, so I told him the beautiful news of Jesus taking his hell punishment for him, and how justice can be satisfied. Again, the usual backlash never came. He was silent for a while, then said “That makes a lot of sense”.

I asked a few checking questions which he answered correctly. I then asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure was he that he would go to heaven? He said 85%. I had stored away a new analogy to tell people who don’t have 100% assurance of salvation: If you jumped out of an aeroplane, and your parachute had a hole in it – but it’s OK because the hole only covers 15% of the parachute (85% of the parachute was fine)- would you make it to earth alive? He said he doubted it. So how much percentage of holes would there need to be to land safely? He said 0%. So I said that in the same way, only 100% faith in Christ will get you to heaven. He found that very helpful. So I asked him did he know when he was going to die? He said he didn’t know. So I asked him when would be the best time to place your faith in Christ? He said straight away. But he wasn’t going to do it, because he didn’t want to give up his Muslim faith. I spent the next 10 or so minutes re-explaining where he would go, what God will say to him. He understood fully, but didn’t want to change.

He wanted to learn some more about Jesus and the Gospel, so I gave him a link to download a Bible, and he said he would read the Gospel of John. I can only hope and pray that the Lord softens his heart, and bring him to true repentance!


So it was a great hour or so of online evangelism, and as no chat is in vain, God will receive all the glory! 


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