You are currently viewing Gone Fishin Field Report – Online Evangelism 1/7/23

Gone Fishin Field Report – Online Evangelism 1/7/23

Hi Everyone

Today I thought I would redeem some time, and went online for Gospel chats. I had just missed team training, so decided to go it alone.



First up was with a girl from Ottawa, Canada – I thought she would skip straight away, as she was taken aback when she saw me. I’m not offended, though, as young women do need to be cautious on this platform. When I asked her about the afterlife, she relaxed. She said she would go to heaven, because she was pretty good, and hadn’t done anything that bad. A few choice questions regarding her goodness soon had her changing her mind. She agreed that God should deal with her harshly by sending her to hell. But when I asked her how she could avoid her hell punishment, she said that Jesus died on the cross for her sins. She knew a lot about that part, but not the connection with regards to her not being a good person. I asked where she heard all this, and she said she was Lutheran, went to church twice a week, and read her Bible morning and night. I asked her about the tension between God’s justice and God’s mercy, and how that was going to play out with her on judgement day. She didn’t know how to answer that. She still thought she was good. I said that if she was good, what do you need Jesus for? The lightbulb finally went off for her, and she realised how much of a sacrifice Christ paid for her. I asked her if she needed to be baptised to get to heaven (per Lutheran teaching). She said no, surprisingly. We went through some other checking questions, which she got right. he thanked me for putting her right on a couple of things. Those were pretty important things the way I saw it. Praying she follows through with her convictions!



Next was a guy from Sidney, OH – He opened the chat with a string of obscenities, but calmed down after I asked him the afterlife question. He believed in heaven and God. I took him through the law, but he started clowning around, giving me stupid answers. I asked him to take it seriously, as this affects where he would spend eternity. He flipped the bird at me, and skipped the chat. Praying someone re-connects with him!



After that was a girl from Urbandale, IA (no photo) – This was a surreal chat. It felt like I was talking to the young lady from Ottawa again, but she was from the US. Her situation was exactly the same – thinking she was good, finding out she wasn’t, telling me that Jesus took her sins on the cross, attending a Lutheran church twice a week, and reading her Bible twice a day. My head was spinning a bit! The good news was, I could draw on the previous conversation to walk her through to a good conclusion. And it happened that way as well. She was very pleasant, and very thankful for me helping to put things in proper eternal perspective. I said that God had pre-ordained the conversation, and was orchestrating everything, not me. Nice chat!





Lastly was with 4 people from Danville, VA – It was chaos in the room, as they all wanted to talk to (or at) me at the same time. I had to ask them to talk one at a time. One guy came close and took over that chat, so I was able to get him to admit he was going to hell for all the wrong he had done. I asked him what he could do to avoid his hell punishment, and one of the others yelled “Accept Jesus into your heart”. I asked him what that meant, and he couldn’t really explain it. The spokesperson then said that we can ask for forgiveness, and change our ways for better. I explained how neither of these would work in a court of law, and they saw my logic. When I said that the only way they could be saved from hell was if someone took their hell punishment for them, everything clicked. I explained that Jesus did that for them, and that 100% faith in Christ alone for the forgiveness of sins is all that was necessary. They went all went very quiet. I asked them all individually that on a scale of 1 to 100, how sure were they that if they died, they would go to heaven? They all said 100%. Why? “Because Jesus has paid for all our sins!”. That was the answer I needed to hear! They answered a few checking questions correctly, and I pointed them to the Bible app, a church finder app, as well as the social links. They all thanked me for the chat. All glory to God!


God was good to me today for allowing me to share His awesome Good News. To Him be all the glory!


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