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Gone Fishin’ Field Report 24/11/22 – Schoolies Day 6

Hi Everyone

Well the week is nearly at an end. Part of me says ‘yay!’, while the other pat says ‘nooooooo!”. I have learnt so much from these brothers and sisters in Christ; those who have dedicated their lives to this ministry. I was able to submerse myself for a week, but these faithful warriors do this every day, which humbles me and puts me to shame!

At 9am we jumped on for 3 hours online evangelism. I had some great chats, but want to just highlight a couple:

Coop – this young boy greeted me with “Grandpa! What are you doing on Omegle?”. Ha! If his real grandpa heard him talking like that, he would get a right whooping. I asked him about the afterlife, and he thought he would go to heaven because he was good. We talked about how good he needed to be to satisfy God’s standards, and he couldn’t fathom that one lie was enough to send him to hell. I broke that down for him, then told him the good news of how Jesus paid for all the sins he had done. He was so excited that he said he was going to pray to Jesus , and tell him he accepts his free gift right after the chat, then go and grab his Grandma’s Bible and read John. I said that I couldn’t wait to meet him in heaven and give him a big high five. He told me he was 10 years old. I told him that Omegle is a very dangerous place, especially for 10 year old kids, and he shouldn’t be hanging around on it. He said that this would be his last chat. What an awesome kid!

The second chat of note was with a British girl. She said she had done some bad stuff in her life, and had a bad upbringing. We talked about the afterlife, and she said she deserved hell. I shared how Christ provided a wonderful gift for her, and she was surprised that anyone would do that for her. I could hear a tremble in her voice. I asked her what was stopping her from accepting his gift of taking her hell fine from her. She said she wanted to research it more. I asked her what would happen if she died without receiving the gift, and she said hell. She didn’t know when she would die, so I stressed the urgency of the situation, and showed her how to download the Bible to research more. Ryan told me later that he re-connected with her, so was able to go over what I had told her. God was obviously trying to get  her attention!

A couple of local Brisbane guys joined the harvest for the rest of the day. Thank you, Lord!

 After lunch, we went back down to Cavill Ave for a couple of hours one-on-one witnessing.

Straight up, I met Jackson, who didn’t care if he went to hell, and was willing to take his hell punishment. I stressed the urgency, but sadly he had made his mind up!

A group of 4 boys spent the chat arguing about justice, and didn’t believe they would be held accountable for not following some silly rules, then chased some girls down the road.

Jacob was a hard plough. It took me half an hour to break down the wall for a reason for a creator. Normally I would have given up, but there was a voice inside of me telling me that this kid really needed to hear the Gospel, so I persevered. I’m glad I did because he became very quiet. He told me afterward that I had given him something to think about, but would probably still go with his gut. I told him to have an open mind about it, and explore the evidence. We shook hands on good terms, and he left with a couple of tracts.

Right at the end of our time, I had a chat with another boy named Jackson. It was one of the quickest witnessing encounters I’ve had that has been right through law and gospel. It proved to me that when the person is agreeable with everything you say, it doesn’t always need to be a drawn out affair.

We had a couple of free hours in the afternoon to recharge the batteries before dinner. While most spent it on the tennis court or the pool, I got to know my pillow better.

After dinner it was back down to party central, Cavill Ave.

I bumped into Louis, who tried to tell me Christians are evil because they hate gays like him. I told him that nothing could be further from the truth, and that we love them enough to be honest with them. I had to tread carefully with him, carefully explaining that God will hold liars, thieves, blasphemers accountable too, and that puts everyone on the road to hell. I slowly unwrapped what Christ has done for him. He said he appreciated the honesty, and wished all Christians were understanding like me. He wouldn’t take a tract, said he wouldn’t change, but shook my hand. God please open his eyes!

A group of boys filed past, who I engaged. After asking what happens after death, one yelled out that he had just been baptised in the sea. Unfortunately it was by a false teacher local woman who went around declaring everyone saved by the blood. This woman is evil. When I told him it was a false baptism, he left swearing. One of the other boys asked me if I had any coke. Knowing he meant cocaine, I jokingly said I don’t drink it and he left swearing as well.

Vikram – I managed to get through the law with him, but he walked away before I could get to the good news.

Claudia & Chris – This German couple were very opposed to what I was saying. They thought Christians have made the world a worse place. I didn’t make any headway. Then they asked me if I had been to Germany. I said I had, and told them how beautiful it was. This calmed her down a bit, and she opened up enough for me to explain the existence of God, why he came, and why she needed to place her faith in him. She nodded as I was talking, and afterwards still showed the same opinion towards religion in general. But she had clamed right down, and thanked me for the chat.

Levi – Proclaimed he was a Christian, yet said he was only 85% sure he would go to heaven. It turned out he was trusting himself, not Christ, which meant he had 0% chance of going to heaven. I was able to convince him that faith in self is what non-believers think is the way to heaven. He understood and said he would get back to the Bible, and talk to his Pastor when he got home.

So another exhausting yet exhiiarating day of outreach! God is sustaining us through, which is just as well, as the pace of this is not what I am used to. Glory to Him!



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