You are currently viewing Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 5/4/23

Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Online Evangelism 5/4/23

Hi Everyone

I had some time to myself on Wednesday evening, so thought I would spend it sharing the Gospel!

Here’s a summary of the chats I had. 


First up was a guy from Ontario, Canada. When his face popped up, I thought it was Weird Al Yankovic! I called him that, and he rolled his eyes as if to say ‘yeah, that’s original’. I apologised and asked him about the afterlife. He had this interesting concept in that we don’t go to heaven or hell, we just exist, and scare other people still living. We are just wandering spirits. When I brought up the subject of the existence of God, he bailed on the conversation.


Next I chatted to a guy from Inman, SC – This was a great conversation! It was a shaky start, he opened with a string of blasphemy and colourful language. He told me he would go to hell because he was a bad dude. He said he had shot someone, and they were in hospital. He waved a couple of guns around to prove his point. After he settled down, I asked him about the existence of God. He said he believed in God. I asked Him if he had been keeping His laws. He said he doubted it, as he smoked weed, and shot someone. We went through the law together, and it was even worse for him than he realised. I asked him how he could avoid his hell punishment, and he answered the way people usually do – 1) Change my ways from now on – but that doesn’t take away the punishment for what you have already done; 2) Ask for forgiveness – that won’t work in a court of law, and it certainly won’t work with God. I said the only way you can avoid your hell punishment was if someone took 100% of it for him. His demeanour seemed to change. I told Him how Jesus did that as a gift for him, and he needed to accept that gift. I showed him the Needgod pictures of the hell punishment with & without Jesus on the cross. It all fit together for him. He even took off his shades to wipe his eyes, saying that he didn’t know if it was the weed affecting him, or what I was saying. I asked him how sure was he that he would get to heaven, and he said 50/50. We tidied that up together, and he came to the understanding that he could be 100% sure. After some more checking questions, I gave him all the Bible/church/social links for him to follow up with. Lastly I asked him on a scale of 1 to 100 how sure could he be that he would go to heaven when he died. He said 100%. Why? “Because Jesus paid for all my sins!” I said if that was the case, then I would see him in heaven! When we disconnected I was shaking my head at the change in him. I shouldn’t really be surprised, though, as nothing is impossible with God, so all glory to Him!


After that I spoke to a guy from Lockport, NY – This guy was super-self-righteous. After agreeing that there was a God, he took exception that he would have to be accountable to Him. He said he should be able to do what he wants, then he bailed on me. May God have mercy on him!


Lastly I spoke to 3 guys from Brussels, Belgium – they were distracted by their phones. Their accents were just passable. We went back and forth regarding the evidence of a creator. They all clicked when they realised my logic was correct that nothing can make nothing. When I switched to whether the universe maker would hold them accountable for their actions, one of them laughed, then they bailed the conversation. At least they left knowing there was a creator.


So a great few conversations, and I pray God received all the glory, regardless of the outcome!

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