Gone Fishin’ Field Report – Christmas Outreach 17/12/2022

I don't know why, but I asked him if he still sinned. He said yes. I asked what happened to all the sin, did Christ take it all? I don't know why I was asking these questions, they just came out. I guess it was the Holy Spirit guiding my words. He said it didn't matter how much he sinned before he died, as Christ's mercy extended past his death. I just stood there with my mouth open - what was he saying??


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 25/11/22 – Schoolies Day 7

"I introduced them to the team, and told them that I had talked to them, and they had both repented and placed their faith in Christ. They were so excited for them! I wanted them to get connected into a good church, and it turned out they lived not far from one of the team's fellowship in the north of Brisbane, so we all exchanged contact details to follow up on. It was an awesome experience, and if I take anything away from this week, it will be this!"


Gone Fishin’ Field Report 20/11/22 – Schoolies Day 2

I bumped into Victoria again tonight. After last night's chat, she was still mulling things over. I told her that God may have just let her live another day in order to withhold his justice from her, and not think things over too long! She looked shocked, and said definitely, she would think about it. I asked her if she had any more questions, but she said no, she just had to make a decision.