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Gone Fishin’ January 2021 Newsletter

Our human nature can’t help but see fault in others. We get so distraught when see what others can get away with, and we come to God with a shopping list of all their indiscretions against us. However, when we see ourselves in the mirror of God’s law, we come to the realisation that we are no better than them. In fact, we are no better than the worst criminal in all of human history.


Circus Town Revisited, Part 2

"Drifting into the shallows comes at the cost of the depth of our relationships.". That's a nice catchphrase, but this is supposed to be a church service, not a TED Talk. We are 10 minutes into this 'sermon', but so far Jesus hasn't rated a mention. So far, all you've pointed us to, is ourselves and our faults.


Circus Town Revisited, Part 1

It is possible that over time, people can change. Maybe the John Cameron of today is different to the one I reviewed back then. Maybe he has learnt some truths of the Bible. Maybe he has repented. Maybe now he is theologically sound, and is feeding, watering, and guarding his flock as a Pastor should be.So the best way to test this out, is to check him out again.