Gone Fishin’ July 2018 Newsletter

As Christians, this is something we should never forget. We do not deserve to inherit the kingdom of God, either. Nobody does. Christian or not, we still find new ways to break each and every commandment that God gave us. That part of us doesn’t change. We can’t help it – it comes naturally.But, praise God, there is good news!


All Things To All People, But Only One Gospel (1 Cor 9:16-23, Ps 58:1-5)

Paul has not just given us a commission to go out - he’s also telling us that wherever we go, in every facet of our little ‘world’ in which we move around in, there will always be people to win. Sinners aren’t faceless zombies that follow you about, calling out ‘I’m a sinner, please come and save me!’. Well, not in the literal sense, anyway. Sometime you can spot them a mile off.

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Italian Baroque Painting of the Killing of Abel and the Banishment of Cain --- Image by © Geoffrey Clements/CORBIS ORG XMIT: 12873731

Gospel Nuggets – The Way of Cain, or the Way of Jesus

So does that mean God has a sliding scale of acceptance, dependent on the amount of faith one has? After all, Abel's sacrifice was more acceptable. Does that mean that Cain's was acceptable, but less acceptable? Well, if I was a prosperity preacher, I would say 'Yes!'. I would say the more faith you have, the more God will accept you, and bless you. So, make your giant faith offering cheques out to Craig Godfrey Ministries...